Miss stick, beginner friendly! There are more sexy planes for sure, but the owner of this plane will not be disappointed if he wants to have FUN… Honestly, this plane is easy to fly, accept pilot errors and is for sure one of the best first trainer on the market. Furthermore, it is almost indestructible. And in the unlikely event of a crash, a few minutes and cyano should make it flyable again (if you don’t make a vertical landing at full power…) Inexpensive and long lasting, it will be one of your best buy.

It’s one of our favorite plane. Flying very low with  a tad of power, one wheel touch and goes and other funny figures are the rule of the game. Hey, remember, it is almost unbreakable… And as this plane can fly slow, it’s perfect for night flying…

Kit contains all parts laser cut, with many interlocking parts making building an easy and funny job, accessories and landing gear, as well as the 1:1 plan.  In a few hours, the plane will be ready to fly.

Manual is downloadable here.

Wingspan: 140 cm

Wing area: 31.8 dm2

Weight ready to fly: 1300-1500 grams


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