Cutting service

 We offer custom  cutting services for those who want to design their own planes . Sorry, we don’t cut for those who wish to sell their designs themselves.  Some custom cutting requirements exist, as you can imagine.

We do not convert  plans to cut files. We accept only .dxf Files.We strongly suggest letting 1.5mm attach points (at least two for 1part) to each part to be cut.

Our laser has a cutting platform 48*68cm.  We only cut from material we have in stock. See the page “wood” elsewhere on the website. We work in metric system, so if you use inches, please convert in metric system to be sure no mistakes are done.

We do not provide cost estimates for individual cuts without receiving the files.Our prices are calculated on machine time.There are too many variables in a cut to  give a specific cost without running the file through the laser. The types of lines you use, how many lines  there are as well as the order of the cuts

How to do:

1. You send cut files and we review them for compatibility with our system, we charge a 10€ bill for the estimation and working time on the laser to determinate the cutting time needed. We don't go to step 2 before payment of the 10€.

2. We calculate the  exact cost, plus shipping and send it to you by email.

3. When you pay the final charge we  cut the parts and ship them.

There are no refunds or warranty for custom work. If we make a mistake, we correct it at no cost.